Arthrosis causes

Such a disease as arthritis is most common in older people. But given the environment, lifestyle and nutrition this disease is much younger and there can be no jokes. To know how to warn or prevent the development of such disease, you need to understand what it is.


Osteoarthritis — what it is

If the description of the disease to resort to a simple expression to describe it as a disease of articular cartilage. It leads to their destruction and disturbance functionality, and modification. Quite often during the above process there is inflammation in the joint capsule. Osteoarthritis can affect any joint, but most often suffer from hip and knee.

Causes of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis — all other names osteoarthritis. Disease, as mentioned earlier, most often affects older part of the population. This is due to old age, which leads to disruption of body systems. But if a person far from grey hair and arthritis caught up with him, the reasons for this can perform by the following factors:

  • damage, injuries to locomotor apparatus. These include bruises, sprains, tendon ruptures and other damages;
  • congenital disease associated with hypoplasia of the joint. In other words, it is called glenoid dysplasia;
  • improper metabolism in the body;
  • drinking large amounts of carbonated beverages that eluted from the bones of the important minerals;
  • malfunction of the thyroid gland, elevated blood sugar and other disruptions in endocrine system;
  • hemorrhage in the joint capsule.

The causes of osteoarthritis is extensive. Therefore, in order to start timely treatment, it is best to consult a doctor that will address not only symptoms, but the cause of the disease.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis

the symptoms of osteoarthritis

In the first place, usually affects the knee joint. Next is the hip, and then the disease spreads to the toe joints of the lower limb. Other joints osteoarthritis affects rarely. To understand whether the presence of this disease, you must know its symptoms. Among the significant symptoms of osteoarthritis include four main components:

  • at the initial stage of the disease pain in the joints when heavy traffic or load. Often expressed poorly, because of this, arthritis is triggered. The second stage is characterized by pain that occurs with little stress on the damaged joint. On the third the pain that bothers even when stationary. If a person has problems with the cardiovascular system, the pain syndrome can occur during weather changes;
  • in the damaged joints from time to time there is dry and rough crunch. The consequence is intersilesia the friction between the joint surfaces. On the second and third stage, the sound becomes clearer sound. It is worth noting that the usual crunch in the joints not accompanied by pain, not indicate disease and does not affect its further occurrence;
  • occur muscle cramps, reduced joint space, osteophytes appear. Because of this, the amplitude of motion of the affected joint is reduced;
  • the gradual modification of the joint.

Symptoms of arthritis in many ways has similar moments. So some people confuse these two concepts, or consider them synonymous. But to think so is a mistake. This is a different disease. The main difference is that in osteoarthritis pain occur when driving in the daytime. Arthritis painful sensations do not depend on the motion and appear at night. They are more acute and intense.

Types of arthritis

Species diversity of the disease is divided into two categories: etymology and the nature of the disease. Each of them contains a few more species, and then there is the concrete division, which includes a large number of varieties.


Based on the reasons of occurrence there are two groups of articular arthrosis:

  1. Primary. Primarily occurs in patients under 40 years. When a disease begins to develop without any preceding trauma or injury;
  2. Secondary. Osteoarthritis occurs due to certain reasons, including age-related changes in the body, disruption of the endocrine system, injury, damage, and several others.

The nature of the disease

Only there are three stages of osteoarthritis. The person can experience a slight and inconstant pain that will not interfere with it to function properly. In this case, medical help, he can not contact for several years. Other people can be faced with rapidly progressive disease: in one or two months one stage of arthrosis to move to another.

  • the first stage. Minor pain, felt weak and manifest themselves only after an intense load on the joint. Occurs because the inner side of the joint capsule changes synovial fluid and the shell.
  • the second stage. Occur destruction of articular cartilage, start of primary deformation. Also at this stage there are bony growths. All of the above is accompanied by pain even with a slight stress on the affected area.
  • the third stage. The last stage, which is already happening irreversible modification of the joint. At the same time decreases the length of the tendon and loss of muscle contraction. Ultimately, the man loses efficiency.

As the effects of the running of osteoarthritis do not promise anything pleasant, it is necessary to start the procedure for treatment.

Treatment of osteoarthritis

In order to obtain a treatment program, yielding the result, you need to turn to a trusted specialist. It will examine the tests, lifestyle, and conduct the appropriate diagnosis and prescribe the necessary medications and additional treatments. one of them may include the following:

  • physiotherapy:
  • physiotherapy;
  • sanatorium-resort treatment;
  • proper nutrition, as well as several others.

Quite often technology is used to the smooth development of joint by not long lasting and the feasible loadings on the damaged area. During this therapy the joint is brought to a small aching pain, which subsides the next day. If the pain become stronger, you should review the system load and to correct it. But not to stop development completely! Arthritis — a disease that is widespread in modern society. Every year people affected with the disease, becoming more and more. This is due to the deteriorating environmental conditions, poor diet, increase in the number of injuries. But it is also evolving and technologies that contribute to solving problems with osteoarthritis. So important not to run disease, to make regular diagnosis and in case of detection of osteoarthritis to consult specialized doctor.

Why do I have arthrosis and arthritis?

A healthy joint consists of living cells. Only living cells have the ability to regenerate and to fully recover. Why do I have arthrosis and arthritis? Most of the joints of the hands, feet, jaws has a constant effect of factors that can damage it — shock. In this regard, diseases of the joints, especially joints of the feet, treat intractable diseases. For elimination of the disease, it is first necessary to know the reason why the disease becomes chronic, and eliminate it.

What is the difference between osteoarthritis arthritis?

Arthrosis and arthritis are the diseases which affects the joints. What is the difference between osteoarthritis arthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a gradual age-related occurring deformation of the joints. Most often the development of osteoarthritis occurs in old age (45 years and older). Osteoarthritis is considered a degenerative disease and is associated with a slow destruction of the cartilage inside the joint.


Arthritis often begins at a young age (before 40 years). Arthritis joint inflammation can manifest their redness, swelling, severe pain that will not go away when a person is at rest. In some cases, there is the increased pain at night. This inflammation can be caused either by infection or a failure of the overly active immune system which mistakenly directs its force against your body. Sometimes arthritis indicates a common metabolic disorders. While osteoarthritis only affects the joints. Arthritis is an inflammatory disease of the whole organism, and inflammation of the joints represents only "the tip of the iceberg", which hides some other processes within the body. Classification of osteoarthritis of joints include primary and secondary osteoarthritis. The occurrence of primary osteoarthritis occurs in 40-50% of all cases. The disease develops in previously healthy joints, and the cause may be, for example, heavy physical work. In secondary osteoarthritis deformity of the affected joint was one of the disease, for example, as a result of the transfer of the injury.

Causes of arthritis joints

The emergence of arthrosis may contribute to intoxication, the transfer of infectious diseases (e.g., typhus, syphilis, etc.). In addition, the reason for the development of arthrosis can be trauma to the joint (articular cartilage lesion, fracture of the articular ends of the bones), significant functional overload of the joint (for example, longshoremen, ballet, etc.). Known role of the cold (for example, the occurrence of osteoarthritis in workers of hot shops). The development of osteoarthritis may occur on the background of rheumatic soil. This applies to people with chronic rheumatism. Sometimes illness comes through their "kits" when osteoarthritis occurs rheumatism, varicose veins with thrombosis, vascular sclerosis, stroke, etc. Osteoarthritis may occur as an autoimmune disease. This means that sudden attack of immune system on healthy cells. But in most cases, the arthritis acts as the indication of rheumatoid arthritis, and represents the flow of destructive changes in cartilage and bone, which can occur with age as a result of natural aging.

The symptoms of arthrosis

The basis for the development of arthrosis is a violation of the nutrition of the articular (epiphyseal) ends of bones. As a result of changes of permeability or damage to the vessels through which they provide food to the bone, cause aseptic necrosis, which compounded the damage in the joint. Osteoarthritis has a progressive character. First painful covered internal changes (called synovial) sheath joint capsule, then they captured the cartilage, which is covered by the articular surfaces of articulated bones. The result is the gradual destruction of cartilage that leads to exposure of bone. Sometimes bone tissue is diluted, sometimes compacted, the formation of bone outgrowths chipouras. In most cases the development of osteoarthritis occurs in the hip, knee and first metatarsophalangeal joints. The symptoms of arthrosis is the appearance of pain. They are characterized by a periodic appearance, worsening after the sudden physical exertion or after being at rest for a long time. On the background of the presence of pain limited joint mobility. Arthrosis is accompanied by inflammation of the tissues that surrounded the joint, and nerve trunks. The functionality of the joint suffers as a result of protective muscle tension.

Symptoms of arthritis of the joints


Arthritis in the joint pain, especially felt during motion. Often in the joint, limited mobility, swelling appears, changes shape. In some cases the skin over the joint becomes red and there is fever. Symptoms of infectious arthritis include redness, swelling, pain when pressed, often marked by the presence of General symptoms of an infectious disease is the emergence of chills, fever, pain occurs throughout the body. Arthritis can be one joint (monoartrit) and many joints (polyarthritis). Onset may be abrupt, and it may be accompanied by severe pain in the joint (acute arthritis), or gradually (chronic arthritis).

Treatment of arthrosis

For the treatment of osteoarthritis it is necessary to conduct outpatient activities, prescribed by a doctor, and a visit to the sanatorium-resort conditions. In the treatment of osteoarthritis of the joints provided for the appointment of painkillers, hormonal drugs (adrenocorticotropic number), a physical therapy (thermal procedures, ultrasound), implementation of therapeutic exercises, massage. If the case is severe, there is a need for surgical intervention (arthrodesis, arthroplasty). If the cartilage is worn not very much you can help the drugs, which contain glucosaminsulfat, a natural substance derived from the shells of marine animals. They are provided with positive influence on metabolism in cartilage and improves joint mobility.

Treatment of arthritis joints

Depending on the forms of arthritis treatment of the disease. First and foremost, you need to eliminate the underlying causes (excessive exercise, malnutrition, alcohol abuse). During treatment, arthritis doctor given oral antibiotics. In addition, the application of a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs administered intra-articular. During arthritis joints experts also pays great attention to carrying out physiotherapy and the implementation of therapeutic exercises, which is necessary in order to support joint mobility and maintain muscle mass.