Cervical degenerative disc disease: symptoms and treatment

Treatment during exacerbation of degenerative disc disease passes under the doctor's supervision, observance of the appointments.

Treatment of acute exacerbations of cervical degenerative disc disease

Cervical osteochondrosis

At the time of the exacerbation, the doctor will recommend to stop playing sports. The allowed swimming on condition that after the pool the patient warmly dressed

It is important not to SuperCool. With the heat, you should be careful

Active heat (heating pads, warming treatments) will increase the pain. Keep the sore spot was wrapped up with a warm scarf.

Will soothe the pain position side-lying with folded knees. The pose helps to stretch the spine to relax pinched nerve. During exacerbation of is not to use massage. Gentle stroking with the use of analgesic ointments, gels. After manipulating the sore place is to wrap, to give the patient to sleep.

The period of aggravation of degenerative disc disease lasts 3 – 5 days. Depends on the degree of severity of the disease, the number of patients the vertebrae, the patient's age, compliance with doctor's recommendations. After remission of the pain, should start to move. But gradually, not SuperCool.

Why the disease is acute

It should be noted that the process of deterioration depends on the stage, it can occur to any of them, from the initial to the last. Aggravation always precede reason. Their main list looks like this.

  1. The patient made a sudden movement.
  2. In the cervical area extended to excessive load.
  3. Happened lifting weights or long-term displacement.
  4. The patient is under stress or when nervous.
  5. Made not a specialist massage. Either the technician did not know about the patient has degenerative disc disease, because he was not warned.
  6. There are sharp fluctuations of weather conditions.
  7. The patient had hypothermia of the whole body or to chill the neck area.
  8. After bath or sauna the patient plunged into the ice or just cold water.
  9. The age of the patient is significant, to which the intervertebral discs are worn and damaged due to age wear.
osteochondrosis of the spine

If not treated osteochondrosis, at whatever stage he may be, the aggravation will definitely occur sooner or later. Symptoms of exacerbation of osteochondrosis neck is necessary to know and to understand differentiating characteristics from other vertebrate ailments.

The symptoms of acute

The brightness of the severity of symptoms depends on the stage of pathology and the extent of its progression.

Their list the following.

  1. Pain in the parietal area.
  2. Reduction of skin sensitivity parietal area.
  3. Pain on one side of the neck.
  4. Pain in collarbone and shoulder.
  5. The severity of the language.
  6. Interruptions in breathing, it's not smooth.
  7. Soreness in cardiac region.
  8. Pain symptoms in the right upper quadrant.
  9. Headaches with pressure on the eyes either unilateral headache only in part.
  10. The crunch that is heard in the neck area from behind in the implementation of the tilt, nod your head or bend.
  11. Fog in the eyes, spots or points, hearing disorders and ringing in the ear.
  12. Pain and muscle weakness in hands, up to wrist.

For these symptoms it is hard not to pay attention to, nevertheless there are patients who, even in this situation don't hurry to visit a doctor and trying to help yourself with home remedies


The objectives of the diet in osteochondrosis includes:

  • normalization of metabolic processes;
  • prevention of calcification in the spine;
  • restoration of the cartilage structure;
  • strengthening ligaments of the intervertebral discs;
  • reduction of excess weight and prevention of obesity. It is known that excess weight increases the load on the spine and provokes the development of osteoarthritis, and in patients with the disease is often diagnosed obesity.
pain in the neck

Diet should be selected by the attending physician depending on the presence/absence of comorbidities. A single diet in osteochondrosis not.

Based on clinical nutrition in cervical and lumbar degenerative disc disease for patients with the appropriate normal body weight, can be taken Diet No. 15, which contains all the necessary macronutrients, minerals and an increased amount of fat/water soluble vitamins, carbohydrates. The energy value of the diet at the level of 2600-2700 kcal (g proteins 85-90, 90-95 grams of fat and 350-400 g of carbs).

What products should enter the menu:

  • dairy products (whole milk and dairy products);
  • vegetables, herbs. Special emphasis should be given to the cabbage, cucumbers, radishes, celery, beets;
  • fruit and berry dishes, including jellies and compotes;
  • vegetable oil;
  • low-fat meat;
  • jellied dishes, jellied meat;
  • dark breads, biscuits, muffins;
  • eggs;
  • nuts, seeds, sesame seed;
  • cereals;
  • seafood (fish, shrimp, seaweed, mussels);
  • non-carbonated water.

In the diet diet in osteochondrosis of the spine should be excluded:

  • fat concentrated broth
  • fatty red meat,
  • refractory animal fats, poultry (duck goose),
  • coffee and drinks containing caffeine (strong tea, chocolate).

Limit the consumption of sugary foods and drinks alkogolsoderzhaschih.

Causes and symptoms of aggravation of cervical degenerative disc disease

Osteochondrosis of the vertebral pathology of the skeletal system. When her violations occur of the intervertebral disc degenerative and dystrophic character. The deviation affects the tissue of the vertebrae, spreading the disease.

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  • Acupuncture osteochondrosis of the cervical

The average age of onset of illness from 30 to 35 years. Because of the wrong load on the spine and feet either because of traumatic injuries of the deviation can be diagnosed much earlier.

The main features supporting the development of the disease:

  1. Pain radiating in the arms, shoulders, recurring or constant sense of tension in the back and neck.
  2. The negative dynamics of osteochondrosis is accompanied by atrophic phenomena in the tissues of the muscles, the fluctuation of sensitivity, abnormalities in organs due to the compression and displacement.
  3. Headache, dizziness, frequent fatigue, discomfort in the hands.
  4. Stiffness, failure of slopes, turns, provoked by numbness, discomfort in muscles and joints, spasms, hypotension.
  5. Floaters and spots in eyes, noise in the ears.

Untimely therapy of cervical degenerative disc disease may go into a phase with severe exacerbations. Treatment in this stage should be a doctor.

Causes of abnormalities in the spine:

  1. Wrong getting weight spinal column — sock bags, hand baggage constantly on one shoulder or in one hand.
  2. Curved posture in a sitting mode.
  3. Too soft mattress and high pillow to sleep.
  4. Wearing shoes with the wrong anatomical structure, narrow, oppressive, high heels, causing muscle tension and aggravation of diseases of the spine, degenerative disc disease of the cervical part.
  5. Physical inactivity, excess weight, traumatic injuries of the back, legs, flat feet.
  6. The aging process of degeneration because of impaired blood supply to the spine.
  7. Physical fatigue, crises neuro-emotional system.
  8. The disturbed metabolism, diseases of stomach, intestines, accompanied by defective absorption of nutrients and minerals.
  9. Dangerous profession, working at sites with a strong vibration.
  10. The presence of a genetic predisposition to cervical degenerative disc disease with exacerbations.
  11. Non-observance of rules of healthy posture in the period of active growth, scoliosis.
  12. Dehydration for a long time. Irregular, unbalanced nutrition, lack of vitamins.
  13. The shift of load that occur during pregnancy in undeveloped muscular frame.

The aggravation caused by the seasonal influence, a way of life, can occur at an undetermined time.


To have a correct and comprehensive treatment you need to consult a doctor. He will prescribe an effective survey to find the cause of the disease. Prescribe medicines, massages, medical gymnastics.

During exacerbation is prescribed the following medications:

  • painkillers
  • chondroprotectors they are used for a long time and in order to restore cartilage;
  • muscle relaxants help to remove the muscle spasm;
  • nootropic drugs
  • vasodilators
  • vitamin D

The treatment can be carried out, as in the home hospital. It all depends on how strong the symptoms and what complications. To solve it will only be a specialist. The doctor may send point massage and so on. If you do not follow the recommendations of the expert, it will lead to serious consequences.

You need to make in your diet dairy products, lean meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, cereals, fish

Special attention should be paid to the food in which contains jelly, it is most often jelly. Olive oil should be consumed for salads

It is best to eat the kind of food that is steamed, boiled and baked. To unsubscribe from salty, spicy, fatty, smoked products. It is forbidden to drink strong coffee, tea and abandon carbonated sweet water.

Massage treatments can help to remove the muscle tension and normalized blood flow. But it is necessary in the period of exacerbation of osteochondrosis to do it very carefully and it has to be performed only by a professional massage therapist.

If the person has severe pain, he needs to stay in bed. There are cases that the patient you do not get up. But it may not last more than three weeks, as muscles can atrophy. If people feel improvement, you can get up, but a maximum of ten minutes a day. All you need to do so says a doctor, otherwise it may lead to serious complications.

massage neck osteohondroz


It is much easier to prevent an aggravation of degenerative disc disease of the thoracic. And it is able to any person who cares about their health. In order to avoid exacerbation of osteochondrosis, you need to follow simple rules.

Definitely need to move more, because the pathology appears in people who sit a lot. Therefore, they occur stasis and impaired blood flow. You need to regularly go Hiking and to go to the gym. This will help to prevent the aggravation of thoracic degenerative disc disease.

No need to sit on the drafts, because the spine can be drained. Will suffer and thoracic, and lumbar. It is strongly recommended to dress warmly in the winter, this also affects human health. Possibly shouldn't be in the cold if you don't want to hurt.

When you have extra weight, you need to get rid of obesity. To do not always as simple as we would like people. You have to sit on diets and to go to the gym. No need to choose fatty foods and a passive way of life, while sacrificing their health.

It is worth noting that it is extremely important to sleep. We are talking about what we need to buy mattress and pillow

They will help to keep the spine and neck in the correct state during sleep. As you know, due to mismatched bedding often appear problems with the vertebrae. So no need to save money on residential attributes, and then health will become much better.

The man himself can change the fact that the aggravation did not happen. For this you need to follow the simple advice and not to forget about your health. Also, it is necessary to complete a full course of treatment for the disease that in the future not have to suffer from severe pain.